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HUB Security Systems is Boston-based and a minority / woman-owned business that has been in operation since 2003. We have been serving the community for over 20 years.

Over the last 2 decades, the security profession has seen rapid expansion as more and more companies rely on professional security services. At the same time, personal relationships between companies and clients have dwindled, and quality security professionals are becoming increasingly difficult to find. We at HUB Security Systems consider our company to be different from most others.

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Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-quality security solutions for residential and commercial properties in the area. Starting out as a seasonal business, we now provide security services to some of Boston’s most well-known businesses.

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Site Specific

Most of our security guards are known or referred to us as we don’t advertise for help. Hub is a diverse company working at downtown office buildings, office parks, apartment buildings, construction sites, as well as major sports stadiums throughout the Greater Boston area. Before beginning our services, we speak to you regarding your needs and expectations. We then proceed to write a manual specific to your policies, procedures, and needs. At the end of each shift, we will email a shift report indicating the daily activities and notify any circumstance out of the ordinary. Our officer's training includes CPR instructions, Run, Hide, Fight and Stop The Bleed protocols.


Alcohol Compliance

Hub Security is one of the few companies offering this service. Our specific unit searches out underage and over-served persons who are consuming alcohol. With the help of a very sophisticated app we can by scanning the barcode on the back of a driver's license detect if the license is legitimate. These services are tailored for large-scale sporting events or large social gatherings


Site Inspections

Every day our team of roaming guards visit all of Hub’s residential and commercial properties ensuring that all points of entry are secure. If we notice a discrepancy, we will attempt to secure it and, if necessary, call your team to ensure it is secured. Additionally, we would ask unauthorized visitors who we find loitering on your property to leave. Failure to do so would result in Hub reporting the matter to the local police so it may take any and all necessary actions in order to ensure your facility remains secured. An email indicating the time we visited the property and noting anything out of the ordinary would also be reported to your team.

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As you can see, our standards are high. If we cannot meet these standards, we will not seek your work.

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“Living in Boston and having a family requires that I have 2 jobs to help make ends meet. For more than fifteen years, I have worked for HUB Security, and would never think of leaving. The pay is better than most other security companies, and the fact that they allow me to work hours tailored to my needs allows me to help pay my family’s bills.”



“A few years ago, I retired. I had the opportunity to meet the Iannella family, and they offered me a position as a security guard. Little did I know that retirement was not for me, and I was driving my wife crazy at home. I had never been to Fenway Park before but had the great opportunity to work there during the playoffs and the World Series. Today, I work as a supervisor, and hope to be with HUB Security for a long time to come.”



“I’ve been working for HUB the past 5 years and live in Boston. Since the majority of job sites are located in the Boston area, they are easy to reach via walking or public transportation. Also, Alexandra and Richard are very flexible and will tailor your job site to make your commute as easy as possible. I would definitely recommend working at HUB.”







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