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About HUB Security Systems:



Our Code of Conduct


"Be courteous, friendly and outgoing to clients and their visitors, as our officers are ambassadors for both our

company and yours;


Always accept instructions and directions from supervisors and the client's representatives;


Always understand that the role of the Security Officer is to use your eyes and ears to protect the client's assets without being confrontational;


Always remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings;


Immediately report suspicious activity to the proper authorities;


Always remain in uniform and neat in appearance with a professional attitude throughout your shift;


Always possess and maintain a strong work ethic."




Training of Security Officers




Each officer is required to have a minimum of 20 hours of classroom training and instruction prior to being assigned to a job site;


Each officer is required to have a minimum of 40 hours of apprentice work under a supervisor and on-site personnel;


Each officer is required to undergo testing for comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Policies and Procedures Manual in place at the officer's assigned work location;


Each officer is required to have strong verbal and written skills, and is required to understand the importance of writing incident reports that include specific and detailed information;


Each officer is required to have specific knowledge of access controls, alarm systems, keying systems, etc.;


Each officer is required to fully understand what procedures must be followed and measures taken in an emergency situation.




Supervision of our Security Officers


We proactively employ a wide-range of supervisory measures to ensure that our officers are adhering to all policies and procedures established by HUB Security Systems and our clients. These steps include:


Routine, unannounced visits and inspections at the officer's assigned work location by supervisory personnel, including site walk-throughs and uniform inspection;


Officers must phone hourly from the work site to an on-duty supervisor to provide updates and to ensure the safety of our officers;


Regular reviews of all job site logs and reports submitted by our officers to ensure proper detail and quality control;


Independent quality control specialists randomly visit with officers and supervisors alike - yet another supervisory level that directly benefits our clients;




The Security Officer's Uniform


As they are not police officers, our security officers do not wear police-style uniforms while working for our clients. We have learned through our many years of experience that a 'gentler' approach to our uniforms provides a high level of security without intimidating employees, residents or visitors of our clients. These uniforms also enable us to act as ambassadors on your behalf.


We offer two types of uniforms:


A blue sports blazer that includes an insignia patch and nametag matched with a white shirt, grey pants, red tie and leather shoes;


A long or short-sleeved blue Polo-style shirt with security insignia, khaki pants and seasonal jacket - again with security insignia and nametag.


We are certainly open to discuss any additions or changes to our established uniforms that you may require.




Open Lines of communication with our clients


Our clients can expect the following from HUB Security Systems:


Regularly scheduled meetings between HUB Security Systems senior staff and our clients;


Client participation and interviews with our officers to ensure that the client has the right fit in the officer(s) assigned to them;


Immediate updating of the Policies and Procedures Manual whenever necessary;


24-hour phone service for any and all emergencies;


Weekly delivery of all necessary written reports and materials;


The final say with regard to the officer(s) assigned to your location.



License and Insurance



HUB Security Systems is a security services firm that is duly licensed by the Department of State Police in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under the category of Security Guard, Watchman and Patrol Service under section 22-30, ch. 147 of Massachusetts General Laws (MGL).


In addition, HUB Security Systems maintains General Liability Insurance coverage of two million dollars, and Workers' Compensation Insurance in the amount of one million dollars.


We are certainly happy to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance if services are agreed upon. Also, upon your request, we will gladly add you as an 'additional insured' to our liability policy.



Policies and Procedures Manual


A Policies and Procedures Manual is written and tailored to the specific needs of our clients. This manual is prepared following several on-site inspections and input from the client with regard to their requirements. Main topics of the manual include building policies, admission to the building, property removal guidelines, fire control panel procedures, elevator controls, incident reports, safety and evacuation procedures, and a listing of emergency contacts.